A Daughter’s First Valentine

If you are a father you might not know how important you are to your daughter on Valentine’s Day. Sure as a little girl, a daughter may take for granted that her father will bring her a card or candy hearts, or the all important, chocolate filled, heart-shaped box. But be assured as she grows into a teen, a young lady and a woman dealing with life’s hardships and heartaches, that one special Valentine in her life will grow more and more special with time. If fact, she might not even know how important the Daddy-Valentine is until later in life.

I underestimated how difficult it would be on the first Valentine’s Day after my father passed away. On that day I realized the man who had given me a Valentine every year since I could remember was gone. I cried, then took a Valentine’s card to his grave site and knew he was still there for me.

This post is dedicated to my husband who was there that day to ease my pain and who has been there for me every day for the past 17 years. I know my Dad would be proud of the father he is to our daughters. He is their first Valentine and will be forever be that all important Valentine in their hearts.

Happy Valentine’s Day Kevin, we love you!



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